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To contact me personally use the contact form below. Kerry or myself will always try and email back within 48 hours.

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For media enquires, bookings, sponsorship or future ventures please contact James Mason at Five Nine Agency

Or call 07766 501 278

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    Day 25

    It feels great even to write that!! Everything from now is counting down. Continuing on from yesterdays good running today was also a good day! It always helps when the sun is out. First time in 25 days that I…

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    Day 24

    What a bloody fantastic day!! It was amazing!! The weather can only have been described as torrential but even that was not stopping me today!! Joined by a hoard of people all day it was brilliant! With all the people…

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    Day 23

    As always seems to be the case a couple of ok/good days are followed by one very very bad day!! Had no sleep at all last night and a shocking day on the road. Wasnt able to concentrate on anything…

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    Day 22

    Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! Toes are bad today and shin is hurting but with a tail wind most of the day the miles sailed on by. Today was a good day as people joined me for…

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    Day 21

    Tough day running. Got through some good milesage this morning coming down from Redcar to Scarborough. Was great to run along the beach and to see people from home. Nevermind about the Chris Moyles thing, I think Gayle Sharp has…

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    Day 20

    What a great day! Weather this morning was good but was like a waterfall this afternoon!! Running in a monsson is not great put Tony "The Fridge" Morrison (Pictured below at the end of today) kept me going all day!…

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    Day 19

    Sorry people but its been a rubbish day today. Trying not to feel sorry for myself today. Went to the physio this afternoon once the pain had got to bad, he was an evil little buggar! Thought he was going…

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    Day 18

    Happy St. Georges Day people! Back in England and it feels great to be back. Back to pain again today though. Started this morning in glorious sunshine and ran really well till about 2pm. After starting back out this afternoon…

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    Day 17

    Another good day of running. Weather was perfect for running infact it was too hot!! I know that is hard to believe in Scotland but I had to put sun screen on!! I do (for those that dont know me)…

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    Day 16

    What a great day! Rained for 4 hours this morning but nothing was stopping me today! Broken my day down now into 2 sets of 13 miles then 3 sets of 7 miles in the afternoon. I then just have…

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