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Day 19

Sorry people but its been a rubbish day today. Trying not to feel sorry for myself today. Went to the physio this afternoon once the pain had got to bad, he was an evil little buggar! Thought he was going to pull my leg off!! Have a strange hard lump on the front of my knee that has come from the way I run but its not something that will make me stop, will just be uncomfortable for a while. I have got company tomorrow and I canot wait to have someone run with me all day. Just some one to talk at me for a while. Ran to Holy Island this morning which was good as the tide was out. Would have been pretty scary had the tide been coming in I imagine!! Was worth the awful weather and the pain in my knee just for the view when we got there. Although today has been incredibly painful, Gayle Sharp text me this evening and made me remember the reason I am running. I am running for those that cant. Thank you Gayle. Having read the comments that many of you have written i think the new target should be 2,500 likes by the time I am finished. That would be one like for every mile! Lets see how we go. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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