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Epic Triathlon 2019


Facing a nemesis is as much about facing the fear inside yourself, as it is about facing the challenge. Today I’m looking my fear of failure straight in the eye to announce that this time next year, as part of an Epic Triathlon, I will be getting back into the saddle to face cycling Land’s End to John O’Groats once more.

Those of you who have supported me so far on my journey will know that in 2015, I had to abandon my World Record Cycle Attempt of the same route. Those of you who follow me will also know that I truly believe we only really fail when we don’t get back up and try again.

Every mile I have ever covered from the start has been to prove to people – not least the kids I teach and to myself – that with focus, resolve and spades of courage, absolutely anything is possible. So, I’m back with the same message. And this time I’m back again to face what wasn’t possible for me last time.

Alongside the cycle, it wouldn’t be a triathlon without a swim and a run. And it wouldn’t be epic unless the swim was the Channel and the run was from John O’Groats all the way back to Land’s End. And I guess it wouldn’t be me without a couple of world record attempts on the cycle and the run!

With more people climbing Everest each year than swimming the Channel, the stakes are high. As always with your incredibly generous support, the more money we raise for charity along the way, the better. This time round I will be raising money for SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity.

So it’s fair to say, I’m back. And this one’s for my nemesis. It’s for the weight of despair I felt when I had to stop in 2015, by the roadside. This one’s for anyone who’s ever felt out-faced, overwhelmed and on their own. Circumstances might limit us, but as always it’s the courage we have to keep facing our challenges that counts.

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