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New Website –

So, I now have a new website!! A few easier ways to donate to my cause. Now there is a donate button at the bottom of the screen on the homepage. Loads of new pictures from the cycle photo shoot. I have added the link for people to be able to go straight to that donate page. Everybody that has emailed about nutrition, I will get back to you and answer the various different questions asked. Back on the bike for a 2 hour spin session tonight, with 3 classes back to back tomorrow the weight loss could be record breaking! Should probably look into what the record is for sweating, sure I would be close.

I know there are a few new people liking the page and may not have a clue what they have followed, if thats the case give my book a read

Hope you like the look of the new website and find it easy to follow. Please donate if you can. Thanks guys!


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