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Another tough week of classes has pushed my knee pretty hard, but i think there is some improvements..... I think its getting stronger. This weekend has seen a pretty big change for me. This is something i should have already…

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New Challenge

Back training hard!! Been out running tonight, then straight back and on the bike. A good couple of hours training! the new challenge has been set and now the training starts for that! If you ca...n, go and have…

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Day 49

I have worked out that to beat the heat you need to start early hence the reason i can update earlier. Running early is great, really fresh and most of the world is still asleep. Went well again today but…

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Day 48

Miles and miles of happy running. A great day returning onto English soil for the last time on this trip! What a great feeling. The sun was shining, people are smiling and the landscape is starting to look alot more…

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Day 47

Its been a pretty good day today. Getting out of Bangor this morning after spending sometime at "The Unit" which was awesome! Love looking at the way people train. Especially love meeting like minded people. Favourite line "train insane…

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Day 46

Today has been the first day where I have thought about the finish. I thought about getting home and what I am going to do on Sunday. Sitting down is pretty high on the "To Do List". Pain is now…

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Day 45

Another glorious day in sunny Wales, i think the locals would describe it as lush!!It has been a pretty good day, legs loosened off quite fast and was straight into my stride. It was good to have company today as…

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Day 44

Not the toughest day on the trip so far but well up there. Left shin is pulling hard on every climb and right knee and hip grate on every decent. Went to buy painkillers this morning and they only let…

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Day 43

I dont know whether it was me getting complacent or over confident but today i was brought back down to Earth with a massive and amazingly painful bang! The miles still went by like normal but every step was met…

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