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New Challenge

Back training hard!! Been out running tonight, then straight back and on the bike. A good couple of hours training! the new challenge has been set and now the training starts for that! If you ca…n, go and have a look at the page and like it if you can! This is what i will be doing next October! October 2013 will be Route 66 then fingers crossed I will be running the Marathon Des Sables in April 2014!! The legs are burning at the thought of it but I just cannot wait!! To cycle Route 66 in 7 days is going to be a tough ask, but we have over a year to train for it so it should be EPIC!! Training is currently, heavy legs twice a week with minimal upper body. Still running hard but at the end of each run there is at least an hour on the bike. So far the only time I have fallen off is in my own garage!! Not a great look! Hopefully the shop will be up and running on the website soon so you can buy Epic Run T shirts and maybe even Route 66 cycle shirts!!?? I should say that the Route 66 cycle challenge is a team of guys, which for me is something different but somemthing I am really looking forward too. Having other people there to share the ups and downs will be amazing. Cannot Wait!

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