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Day 18

Happy St. Georges Day people! Back in England and it feels great to be back. Back to pain again today though. Started this morning in glorious sunshine and ran really well till about 2pm. After starting back out this afternoon I usually free up a little bit but today my knee would not loosen off. Thankfully I had already got the bulk of the running done. The weather has once again been amazing and I was able to run most of the day in just my skins. I was pushed hard today knowing that we had hit 1000 likes last night which is just fantastic. I have videoed my ice bath tonight for your amusement, but dont panic I keep my shorts on! I am now on the Easy Coast all the way down to Dover which is great and I will soon be back in Yorkshire as well. I will definitely miss Scotland. Scotland has been amazing and the people have all been fantastic. Today was another example when an elderly couple stopped what they were doing put their bags down and started applauding me while I ran past. Another lady stopped in front of me and donated £10 into the van. It made me wonder, that if I saw some mental guy running through town followed by a van what would I do… Probably think “what a nutter”! It was quite a humbling experience. As normal, thank you to everyone for the likes, shares, texts and tweets. While you guys share I will try and repair.

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