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Motivational Talks

It’s fair to say that Sam knows a thing or two about squaring up to a challenge. Leaving school with a single GCSE, he went back to his studies with a passion to inspire kids just like him. Walking into a classroom years later as a secondary school teacher was one of the proudest moments of his life. And he set out to prove to them that they could achieve whatever they want in life, never to be limited by expectations.

Not one to do this the easy way, Sam decided to pit himself against a seemingly impossible physical endurance challenge and prove it. Running 50 miles every day for 50 days, along the way he proved it to more than just his class. His story caught the attention of the national press and he was dubbed the ‘Epic Runner’ by the thousands of people who supported him as he ran around Great Britain. His latest challenge saw him cross America, coast to coast in 32 days consecutively covering 50 miles on foot one day, and 150 on a bike the next.

As much as Sam started out to inspire his pupils with his adventures, he also now enjoys sharing his story with wider audiences. Sam has inspired, motivated and entertained audiences at conferences and events, as well as smaller speaking engagements.

His messages of goal-setting, motivation and determination go beyond the realms of physical endurance challenges. With warmth and humour, he inspires audiences that whatever challenge they may face, whatever the circumstances, they can always achieve more than they realise is possible.

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