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Day 21

Tough day running. Got through some good milesage this morning coming down from Redcar to Scarborough. Was great to run along the beach and to see people from home. Nevermind about the Chris Moyles thing, I think Gayle Sharp has a new idea which is much better. Lets get the kids involved and try to inspire them for the future. I for one certainly like this idea better. Had to change clothes after about 30 minutes this morning as the rain belted down, almost like having a bucket of water thrown over me. In Filey tonight which is a lovely place. I am trying to upload a video i took of me running this morning up a monster climb. I have noticed that Whitby has a couple of very steep hills!!! They were not pleasant at all. A person called Joanne Stork posted this to me a couple of days ago and i listen to it every morning now. The first line of this rings true for me every day.

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