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Day 20

What a great day! Weather this morning was good but was like a waterfall this afternoon!! Running in a monsson is not great put Tony “The Fridge” Morrison (Pictured below at the end of today) kept me going all day! Tony also was able to see just exactly how the run changes your views of people. A Hoody/Chav (apologies if you are now liking this page and it was you) approached us today just outside Sunderland and asked us “Is it you thats doing that run?”, “yeah” I replied nervously. He then went on to say what an amazing challenge it was and as he left donated £10. Never judge a book by its cover, what a fantastic lad. Today I have run with Tony all day it has been great to have someone there telling me about why they love doing crazy challenges and there own reasons for wanting to run 50 miles. Its amazing the things you talk about over 50 miles! It was also fantastic to have my very own psycological profile done this morning from Gayle, Kirstie and Jo while running don a Dual Carriage way. One of the best questions ever…. Bush or Shaven Haven???!!!! (Sorry if you are under age and reading that). My knee was good today with not too much discomfort which was massively due to having someone there to talk to so I didnt think about it all day. I step back in to Yorkshire tomorrow and cannot wait! Hopefully you have all seen the other update about texting Chris Moyles in the morning!! Lets really hammer it! The likes are fantastic and please keep them coming. I read all your comments every night, they are fantastic!

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