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Day 17

Another good day of running. Weather was perfect for running infact it was too hot!! I know that is hard to believe in Scotland but I had to put sun screen on!! I do (for those that dont know me) have the same skin tone as a polar bear , hence the sun screen. The Forth Bridge did nothng but reaffirm my tremendous fear of heights. There was not much running done across there as i wasnt able to let go of the railings!!! I was going to film the run across there for you but everytime I looked down I had to hold on! It was amazing to run through the streets of Edinburgh and passed Musselburgh racecourse. It was quite a change from the past week of running through forests and having mountains round me. I was back to running in civilisation. It was good to have people around me and to see other runners out on the pavements. Its a strange feeling to think i will be back in England tomorrow! I have loved running through Scotland, even during a bad day the scenary has been amazing. I have ended my day in a sleepy little town right on the seafront called Aberlady. Tomorrow night I will be writing to you from Berwick on Tweed in England!! Ok guys now for the serious bit! Lets get to 1000 likes tonight! If every single one of you share the page then we would make it!!! Lets do it!! Keep them coming!! Please keep all the messages and calls coming in and dont forget that if you text me please put your name on the text.

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