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Day 16

What a great day! Rained for 4 hours this morning but nothing was stopping me today! Broken my day down now into 2 sets of 13 miles then 3 sets of 7 miles in the afternoon. I then just have a few miles to finish off the day! A highlight of today was running past St Andrews Golf Course and been joined by a random cyclist who made 13 miles seem very fast. The weather was much better this afternoon and it was great to be on the coast for the last 20 miles. It was great to hear my mum describe me as the duracell bunny! A kid was trying to give me a donation today while I was running so set off after me but gave over after about half a mile and just settled to handing the fiver to my mum in the van. If you are reading this, I am sorry I was listening to Bruce Springsteen and running quite fast to Born in the USA. Once again thanks for the many messages of support. To all the people that share and like this page I cannot thank you enough! Tomorrow we tackle Edingburgh! Should be interesting! If anyone wants to text or call me tomorrow feel free its 07734445648. Messages on here work just as well!!

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