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Day 23

As always seems to be the case a couple of ok/good days are followed by one very very bad day!! Had no sleep at all last night and a shocking day on the road. Wasnt able to concentrate on anything today. I have done alot of swearing at the top of voice knowing that the wind would not allow anyone to hear it! The wind has turned against me today and made every step a battle. I have also discovered that running and singing at the top of your lungs makes people look at you like you might be a touch crazy!! The songs I was singing would have also been quite strange for some… You’re the Best Thing by Style Council, Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran, Neutron Star Collision by Muse and At Last by Etta James. All of these songs were screamed at the top of my lungs! Hoping anyone would hear them. Thankfully I remembered what Jane Peggs had told me “keep my best memories and lock them up tight and when things get really hard use those memories to get you through” . Thanks Jane. I listened to Tracy Chapman – Fast Car after this and it just made me smile even if was just five minutes. I am in “sunny” Skegness now and heading down to Kings Lynn tomorrow. Supposed to be one of the worst days of the year (weatherwise) tomorrow but hopefully my body will be better. It was commented last time that I should never feel sorry for myself and I dont, next time things get hard I will try to remember and just smile. At the end of pain is success.

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