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    Day 25

    It feels great even to write that!! Everything from now is counting down. Continuing on from yesterdays good running today was also a good day! It always helps when the sun is out. First time in 25 days that I have been able to wear a vest when running and not have to have 6 layers, my beanie hat and gloves on!! Think I might even have a tan line! Although I ran well and was well fuelled my camper van was not, and ran out of fuel about 14 miles outside Cromer!! OOOOPPPPSSS! Luckily we were only half a mile from a garage. A quick top up and a trundle down to the petrol station and all was sorted! I was so glad it was just fuel running out as my mechanical expertise runs out at the windscreen wash stuff!!! I have been told a couple of lies while on my run. 1. Everything from Scotland South is down hill. Not true. 2. You do get use to ice baths. Again, not true. Tonight, was the worst ice bath yet, as while i was slowly lowering myself into the freezing water I slipped plunging my entire body very quickly into the ice cold water!! After gasping for breath and swearing at anything and everything in the bathroom, I managed to lay still. A highlight from today was passing another runner who was also wearing tights. He might think me a little odd but i couldnt stop staring at him! He was either very very blessed or he was hiding a torch! Today we got 90 toots and there were only 5 near misses!! Thats a pretty good day! Tonight instead of going for a number of likes lets try for a number of shares!! If each person can share this update then in theory the likes should go up!! Worth a shot!!

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