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Day 49

I have worked out that to beat the heat you need to start early hence the reason i can update earlier. Running early is great, really fresh and most of the world is still asleep. Went well again today but as the sun burnt through the pace slowed. Sweat poured from my cap, so much so that as i looked forward it looked like rain! The contrast in landscape is amazing. Not so long ago I was in beautiful St Ives, today I was in the not so gorgeous St Helens (apologies if you live there or come from there). It tells you alot about a place by how many times you stop to get dog poo out of your trainer!! Lovely. As I have said many times while on the run it has always been the local people and their support that pushes me on. Today was no different. A bloke, who can only be described as a chav, stopped at the side of the road, socks tucked firmly into his track suit bottoms, shirtless, began clapping and shouting “go on Sam!”. At first I was a little concerned with how he knew my name, then I remembered it is plastered all over the van!! I smiled, gave him a thumbs up and pressed on to Wigan. As the day wore on I could feel my stomach cramping, the amount I was sweating was not been replaced fast enough. It is something I am really struggling with. Nearly there now though. Everyone else might be counting down the miles, for me, its two more ice baths to endure! If you want a t shirt please text 07743823856. Smiling big, running hard and running home.

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