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Day 22

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! Toes are bad today and shin is hurting but with a tail wind most of the day the miles sailed on by. Today was a good day as people joined me for the run, especially the last section of the day which is always painful. Meeting me at the Humber Bridge and running through Barton and Barrow was great. Amazing sleepy little villages. Donations through the van window have been great today. I have made an awesome video today aswell, which has helped raise my spirits abit but will be late as i am off to eat my body weight in pizza! No messing about when it comes to food. 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 puddings! Even after 22 days I still love it when i talk to people on the street and you can see their reaction when I tell them what I am doing. The usual answer at the moment is bloody hell, i dont think i could do 50 yards! Weather today has been good and my milk bottle like tan is going well. A nice red line across my neck!! It feels pretty good knowing I am getting close to half way. Someone else has mentioned reading my book which is good it might mean that I will sell at least 4 copies of it! I did have a thought that I would walk into my mums and there just been 1000 copies stacked up just so i didnt feel bad! My mum is a legend! Hopefully she will like the video. Keep liking guys, keep sharing. Hopefully see some of you over the weekend.

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