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Day 44

Not the toughest day on the trip so far but well up there. Left shin is pulling hard on every climb and right knee and hip grate on every decent. Went to buy painkillers this morning and they only let me have 2 packs!! Might last till tomorrow?? Wales still throws some challenges my way every now and again but also shows some great scenary and amazing generosity. Not only is my body hurting but the chemical toilet was in full use as well. Support vehicle evacuated rapidly! A 6’3 man should not have to manouvre himself on to a toilet that is about 30cm tall! Its is not a good look!! Its always good to have someone run with you and even better when they are a good mate that never shuts up!! Best line ever today…. We were both answering the call of nature and he turns to me and says “they come in medium and large you know”!! Actually couldnt keep peeing as I was laughing so much. One thing I have really started to like is meeting people that have driven past us on the road and then stopped further up the road. They stop and chat and nearly always donate. One particular guy emptied all the change he had in his Landrover. Its amazing. Cannot believe that this time next week I will be back home. Have really enjoyed Tiffin and Lemon Drizzle cake today! Lots of calories! Up to Barmouth tomorrow. Smiling big, running hard and running home.

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