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Day 45

Another glorious day in sunny Wales, i think the locals would describe it as lush!!It has been a pretty good day, legs loosened off quite fast and was straight into my stride. It was good to have company today as many of the stetches were quite isolated coming up the coast. We stopped for dinner at a small town in a cafe that was certainly a “local place for local people”. I do generally get funny looks when i am just wearing my running tights and a vest but today the stares were more like the ones I have seen in horror films. It never ends well for the innocent tourist! Moving rapidly after dinner I once again hit my stride and headed along the costal roads through Aberdyfi and into the gorgeous seaside town of Barmouth. The landscape here is hard to describe it is so amazing, with rolling green hills all the way down to the sea. I love looking out to sea at one side and at the other fields and hills as far as you can see. Tomorrow might be tougher as we enter Snowdonia National Park but hopefully not all the climbs will be killers! Took some good photos today especially one on top of the support vehicle. I was trying to look like I was surfing but even 10 feet up my fear of heights stops me from moving! Well done to all that took part in the Race for Life today hope you raised loads! Thanks for all the texts, shares and likes! I am sure I will need them all when i hit the climbs tomorrow. Smiling big, running hard and running home.

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