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Day 47

Its been a pretty good day today. Getting out of Bangor this morning after spending sometime at “The Unit” which was awesome! Love looking at the way people train. Especially love meeting like minded people. Favourite line “train insane or stay the same”. This run is hopefully insane enough! Pushed really hard for the rest of the day as just been back in a gym gave me motivation to kick my own ass up a gear. Feeling great now. Was strange to move away from the coast and begin the climb into England and back towards home. Some truly brutal hills today but as I have mentioned before I do enjoy the challenge of a hill. The best thing about Wales is the reward when you reach the top. The weather has really helped in this last week, the sun beaming down makes everything a bit easier. Had some great news about people covering the run but dont want to give too much away just yet but hopefully the run will be going national!! Well done and thank you to everyone who has made that possible. I arrived in the beautiful town of Ruthin this afternoon and I am staying at the gorgeous its awesome! Thank you to George at Bathingbeauty for my Osteopath help tonight. Might mean my hip will make it home!! Tomorrow I will step foot on English soil again, and continue my move up England towards Skipton High Street. I have a strange feeling of sadness, excitement and nervousness about getting home. The run has taken over everything and now it is coming to an end. I wanted to ask this last night?? What is the best song to have that motivates you?? Smiling big, running hard and running home.

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