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Day 48

Miles and miles of happy running. A great day returning onto English soil for the last time on this trip! What a great feeling. The sun was shining, people are smiling and the landscape is starting to look alot more like home. Setting out early this morning there is a huge climb out of Ruthin towards Mold but once that was conquered it was plain sailing all the way through Chester and up in to Runcorn later this afternoon. I love Chester, it felt great to be running on those old roads, looking at all the amazing buildings in the city. I think throughout the run my navigation has got much better, today I baffled even myself. Running through Chester there are a number of subways which help you cross busy roads. I somehow managed to go down one set of stairs spent five minutes underground and came up at the exact point which I had started! I still have no idea how I managed this. After a couple of minutes swearing at myself for my own stupidity I managed to cross the subway and emerge successfully at the other side. Fluid intake was once again a priority today, its getting tougher and tougher to take on enough as it makes me feel more and more sick. Yesterday I was nervous and a little sad about finishing but today I am just excited. I know my legs need to stop. Plus I want to start planning the next thing, ha ha ha ha. Thinking America?? Thanks to all who gave me ideas for my playlist. Today was Foo Fighters, James, Queen, ACDC, Quo, Limp Bizkit, Nirvana, Europe and some random songs like Jeruselam and You’ll Never Walk Alone (Just for John Bishop). Tomorrow we continue Northup to Black Rod. Keep sharing guys lets get to 3000! If you want an Epic Run T Shirt they are £10. Just text me or send me a message on here or on the website contact form and I will sort them out for you! Smiling big, running hard and running home.

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