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Day 43

I dont know whether it was me getting complacent or over confident but today i was brought back down to Earth with a massive and amazingly painful bang! The miles still went by like normal but every step was met with a screaming pain through my left shin, right knee and right hip. The pain got so much it was making me feel sick. The pain has helped remind me that there is still some hard work to go! In Fishguard tonight heading to Aberystwyth tomorrow. Ran through St Davids today which is Britains smallest city which was cool and also through a village called Square and Compass which i think is an awesome name for a village. I am still loving Wales. Today made me dread seeing certain road signs. Downhill 12% = Pain. Uphill 12% = Pain. Blind Summit = Pain. Castle = Pain. Anytime you see a sign for a castle you know there is a reason why its still standing, and it is usually because the enemy could not be bothered going up the massive hill it is built on! Once again Wales was kind with car honks and the weather was on my side aswell with just a light shower later this afternoon. Aside from running I had the worst experience ever!!! I felt something moving in my tights this afternoon after 35 miles of running…. Pulling my tights off rapidly there was a huge spider moving down my leg!!!! Yes I am scared of them! No, I have no idea how long it had been in there or more disturbingly where it had come from!!! I am hoping it has no friends! Smiling big, running hard and running home.

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