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Day 42

Had some great company again this morning, and he managed to achieve his goal of a marathon. Unfortunately I had another one still too go! Some really tough climbs today but still loving Wales. Lovely little beaches and winding country roads just help the miles tick by. Had a lovely stay at the Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli last night and would recommend to anyone. Was up and out this morning and straight into 9 minute miles. I dont think my running partner had the same enthusiam for hills that I have, it tends to be the climbs that breaks people, but a great run with him all the same. Had some running repairs done on the van today, nothing abit of electrical tape couldnt fix! Come on Herbie only 8 more days! Hopefully you all saw John Bishops share of my page last night. What a flipping legend! A massive thank you to him for the support, it is very much appreciated. So much so I listened to his sunshine tour on my ipod today! You always look a bit of a nutter when howling with laughter and running up a killer climb. I have revised my running plan a bit as when i set off I did compansate for injury and illness, luckily this has not happened. So I have not filled those days with abit more running in Wales and also to try and get near John Bishop in Runcorn. Body wise the last couple have days have hurt! But with Bish sharing the page its given me a big push. Thanks to ev

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