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Day 39

A good day running with the Army boys. It always makes the miles go well when you have someone to talk to. Starting off with two this morning but one stayed with me for a full marathon which was awesome, especially when he was running in Army Boots and combat trousers! Massive respect. Was abit damp this morning but it helped to cool the sun burn down from yesterday. Came out hot again this afternoon which was not to great as I went up a 25% hill for 2.5 miles. The sweat poured. If you are wondering what its like, the gym treadmills usually go to 15%. So try do that for 2.5 miles and see how much you sweat! or maybe do 35 miles first then try! Really enjoyed today. Pain was not too bad, the views were stunning coming through and out of Lynmouth. I hit the record for toots today aswell with a whopping 121!! Well done Devon. Was once again a great and humbling experience for me to receive donations on the road and really made me happy that the Army boys got to see it as well so they know how much they been to all of us. Should hopefully get into Wales tomorrow which I am really looking forward to. Lets try and get the likes up for the Army Boys today and for my new driver!! Lets show them what Facebook power can do!! SHARE people!! Like Like Like. Smiling big, running hard and running home!

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