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Day 40

A pretty good day all round. Made it to Wales!! Had to sellotape a pan on my head for a while down the A39. Got plenty of toots and a couple funny looks but never mind. Came up the west coast with plenty of support it was brilliant. Great day for running with the sun out and a slight tail wind. Would not recommend trying to run through Bristol and onto the Severn Bridge its quite busy to be honest! Heading onto South Wales tomorrow through Swansea. Never been down here before so should be good. After the climbs of late yestyerday my body has been screaming for me to stop today. Hamstrings and knees didnt feel like they had loosened all day. The ice bath was once again awful but actually felt the benefits of it tonight. Left it running abit long tonight though…. thought they were going to evacuate the restaurant downstairs! oooppss. Men do not multi task!! Do one thing, and do it well! Cannot believe i have run 2000 miles! Single figure countdown tomorrow. The texts and donations have been great today! Thank you. Please keep the likes coming and remember your challenge is to get to 2500 likes by May 26th. Smiling big, running hard and running home

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