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Day 38

A cracking day on the road. The sun has been shining all day and even had a bit of topless running later this afternoon. The camper van did look like a mobile clothes horse for the majority of the day as I tried to dry my clothes! Rain seems like a distant memory now…It was great running weather today, breeze at my back, sun shining all the way along the coast. Got away well this morning and did a strong 17 mile block to start the day. Managed to get some of the food donated in St Ives down me and pushed hard, right through the afternoon. It was great. For a change of scenary think I might come away from the coast and run through Exmoor Forest tomorrow which should be good. Hitting Wales on Tuesday which i am really looking forward too. Every climb I hit today was worth it for the amazing views at the top. We passed through a small town called Boscastle today and got clap from some people sitting on a bench, it was a great feeling. I am sure they knew the massive decent into the town and the massive accent out again. Another driver arrives tonight to join the run. I am trying to upload the video of me running in the rain from the other day with one from today so you can see the contrast in weather. Hope you have seen the picture of the worlds sweatiest hat! I keep threatening my driver with putting the salt on his dinner while he is not looking!! If anyone is wanting to run a few miles just use the contact form on my website or text me 07734445648. Even if you are just bored I will always try and answer if I have service. I really look forward to getting in at night and looking at this page, your comments always make me smile and give me great motivation for the next day. Smiling Big, running hard and running home.

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