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Day 37

Running in the sun. After the battering of the rain earlier in the week, today was a case of managing fluid intake. This morning my body knew that I had not taken enough on. Salt lined my hat from yesterdays sweat which is never a good sign. It seems a difficult balancing act, taking on enough liquid so I dont cramp but also not having so much that I get stomach ache. On a massive plus side I AM HEADING NORTH!! It is a great feeling to have turned the corner. I have now been as far North, South, East and West that I am going! At about 09.30 this morning I stood at Lands End and looked out. It was quite a strange feeling to be stood at the start/finish line of the Lands End to John O Groats challenge. I wondered how many tears had been shed on that line, how many welcome back parties had been thrown and how many people had stumbled over the line thinking “never again”. The land is stunning down here it really is a privelage to run these roads. It was made a little easier today after shaving the beard. I was contemplating keeping the tash but couldnt look in the mirror without laughing…so off it went. A massive thank you to everyone who has donated funds to keep Epic Run going, it really was overwhelming. If I havent got back to you its beacuse I might not be able to so please text 07734445648 and we can arrange details. Although feeling very tired and drained, I have smiled alot today due to your generosity. Thanks again. I have loved people repeating my strap line and now i think i will sign off on it. Smiling big, Running hard and running home.

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