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Day 36

Flipping great day! Weather was amazing all day which resulted in better running. Had great support from the get go this morning, people donating, tooting, waving and clapping. Been on the radio twice today too! Even had a dip in the sea which was so much better than the last time I did it in Scotland! Met up with some friends today who came armed with calories in the shape of a “medium” Cornish pasty. There was nothing medium about that bad boy! Think it could have sunk a ship! Awesome calories though. For the people asking about the beard, I am afraid it got the chop today. This is one occasion where forest gump beats me, how people manage to run or for that matter do anything with a full beard is baffling! Nearly itched my face off today. I am now going to ask something I didn’t want to do all the way on this challenge. Your support for me and help for heroes has been outstanding and I hate asking. I am now starting to struggle with refuelling my support vehicle. This journey has been self funded apart from a few very kind donations and sponsors. If there is anyone out there who can help with a donation towards fuel or food please contact me on here or the contact form off my website or even a text. It would be so much appreciated! I have had to update off my phone again and I sometimes miss words or the predictive text decides what to put. If that has been the case I am sorry. Heading north tomorrow people! Cannot wait to take those steps northwards heading up through st Ives and Newquay should be good. Think I my new strap line might be “smiling big, running hard and running home”.

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