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Day 32

Day 32…… I think? What a day. We cannot still be in a state of drought!! I was soaked all day! I do weirdly enjoy running in the rain. Massive thanks to Sara for driving the past week and to my emergancy drivers this afternoon who were drafted in at the last minute. Thank you to you all. Visited HMS Dragon this morning in Portsmouth, this is the Navys newest member of the fleet! Met some great servicemen and women on there and I got to sit in the captains chair! Stopping in Waterlooville tonight having some great food and hospitality, once again thank you to everyone who made this possible. Quite enjoying the South Coast, good donations, good people think we might have it wrong up North?? Havent met anyone who doesnt want to talk to me!! Still amazed at peoples generosity everyday, really glad my drivers get to see it. Book is coming along well, done a really good chunk of it today. Heading into Bridport tomorrow, back on the coast after a bit of the New Forest. Cant believe we have got to 2000 likes! Just amazing! Hello to all the new likes! Keep it going everyone! I’ll keep running if you keep liking! Really feel like I am on the countdown now. I have been told that there might be some decent climbs tomorrow so will see how I go! Hoping for some better weather!

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