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    Day 33

    Day 33. Its all over……….. ha ha ha only joking but Epic Run nearly came to an unexpected end this morning when I was stuck in a bedroom! With the help of some lovely neighbours I got out and hit the road hard. Running through the New Forest and into Christchurch. From Christchurch I met up with my new driver and away I went. Down Bournemouth beach and onto Wareham. Today was warm and sunny with most of the running done in just a vest and running tights. Having never really spent any time in this part of the UK I can honestly say it is amazing. Some tough climbs but they are always worth it when you get to the top. Tonight I am stopping at The Bull Hotel in Bridport for free!! Many thanks for this, it is an amzing place and they even had the local paper here to interview me when I arrived. Not loving photo shoots at the moment as I look like Tom Hanks in Castaway. For those that have not seen it, he has a big beard! I should point out at some point that 50 miles still hurts! I just dont want to come on here and moan to you guys. If you are wondering about the pain…. here goes…. My left ankle is swollen and is iced every night, my right hip hurts with the constant thud of the road, an old break in my foot is now a massive lump and rubs hard against the top of my trainer, my left knee is twisting due to the cambre of the road making a small bone in the front pull hard against the tendon, my elbows ache constantly, my right knee burns at the slightest undulation in the road, I have one toe nail left on my left foot and my right achillies has swollen twice the size it should be and grates when i move. Other places are sore but I know children read this and so does my mum. Lets just say, one day I wore the wrong boxers!!

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