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Day 31

Another good day along the South Coast. Great to see some familiar faces this morning just outside Bexhill and then again this afternoon in Brighton. It was strange to run in Brighton with so many people on the road and on the pavements in comparison to Scotland when i would only see two people in the entire day! Eastbourne was really good but my god there was a climb coming out of there and round to Beachy Head. It was great running again with the wind at my back. The people down here have been great with some stopping and applauding while I ran past which was a great feeling. Its Bognor Regis tonight and HMS Dragon tomorrow which should be great then onto Christchurch. Got 54 Honks and 4 near misses today. Playlist today included Kasabian – Underdog (Played very loud), Westlife – You Raise Me Up (Yes I am that cool) and Up Around the Bend – Creedance Clearwater Revival. The problem with having alot of people around you is that they look at you a touch strange when you are singing while you run along the promenade in Brighton! Someone mentioned today, how strange it was to be in a large group of people and them not knowing where i have run from! They just think i am another runner, out for a Sunday afternoon jog along the beach. Little do they know! Here is the challenge, 2000 likes tonight?? Not a massive ask I don’t think?? Lets GO GO GO!LIKE LIKE LIKE!!

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