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Day 28

Better day today. Not quite free flowing but going better than yesterday, i suppose after 28 days I wont be free flowing! I woke up this morning to find out I was an Uncle again. Welcome to the world baby Wellock, all 8 pound 10 ounce of you! Puts my pain in perspective. Running towards London during rush hour was not a pleasant experience! The near miss to car horns ratio was a lot closer today! I am starting to feel like a cartoon character where the rain cloud just follows them round. Yes it rained, again. Just read that over the next few days there are flood warnings and the temps are going to drop again! Lovely jubbly. Just have to run quicker I reckon?? Managed to get right round past Gravesend and into to Whitstable today which is awesome as it means tomorrow should be much better. The roads should be quiter meaning I can get a better stride pattern. I could feel the tension in my shoulders today as I ran. One thing that kept me going today was a message from a follower on here telling me of a friend who has just lost both legs but was recieving great care at Camp Bastion. That’s why I am running. Tomorrow I will see the White Cliffs of Dover for the first time ever, really looking forward to it. I always want to try and write something motivational to finish off, but I suppose the best thing I can put is that I have inspired a 40 year old mother of 2 to enter a marathon. That is enough for me. As always, share share share! Lets try 2000 likes? I think you have it in you!!

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