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Day 29

3 weeks to go!! Today has been a great day! If you are eating your tea I apologise for the next bit. I have had a really bad stomach today so my pace has been pretty good, between toilets!! Perfect running weather, no head wind, not raining but not to hot. Blasted out of the blocks today heading East towards Hernes Bay then moved southwards towards Canterbury. It was great to have dinner in a town called Sandwich. I am a geek, so it was ace to be able to have a sandwich in Sandwich (well i thought it was funny). Maybe thats what happens after 29 days of running. Got into Dover late afternoon running along the costal paths until the cliffs came into view. It was great to stand and look at them for a while. I ran along an ancient road today which was great. My only fear at the moment is not that I wont finish but I will fall down a pothole or slip off a pavement! I concentrate so hard on where I put my feet, much more than i was at the start. I got 94 honks and only 4 near misses today so a pretty good ratio. Tomorrow I start along the South Coast. I have also had one of the best ever donations – A Sheep and Two Lambs!! Selling tomorrow at Gisburn Auction with all proceeds going to Epic Run! Playlist today was We Are Young – Fun, Unbelievable – EMF and Dominick the Donkey – Lou Monte (yes i know thats a xmas song). Bit of a Mayday call now! I need a driver for Monday afternoon, Tuesday all day and Wednesday morning if anyone is free or knows someone who might be free on the South Coast. Near Bridport Area. I should also mention that I got an email from Dean Karnezes last night. This guy is the Ultra Running equivilant of David Beckham! It was ace! Hope everyone has a good Bank Holiday. If you see me out give me a toot! If not a text, share or like are equally as awesome.

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