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Day 26

Today was supposed to be a good day, heading home, passed half way, counting down and generally good stuff. Unfortunately it didnt happen quite like that! The awful weather returned this morning and it was freezing, coupled with an unbelieveable pain in my ankle/knee/shin on my left leg the day has been an absolute battle. I have heard things described as blood, sweat and tears before. Today was that day. Heading out of Cromer the horn honking was good and the near misses minimal. After about 1.5 hours of running the rain was coming down so hard I couldnt raise my head to look forward due to the wind and rain so spent the majority of the morning staring down at the floor. Thank you to everyone for the peeps and honks, they always help. One person this morning was my highlight of today who has written to me on here, the smiles and cheers from the kids coming past this morning really kept me going. In Great Yarmouth tonight. Painkillers going down well. Dont panic, not to many. Been reading all your messages today and looking at all your shares just to try and keep me going. Thank you, every single one of you for liking, texting and sharing. For all you doubters, I am not stopping, I am on my way home, even if I crawl into Skipton I just want to see your faces. Before I go, Thank you to the Grove Hotel at Cromer who let me stay free of charge last night and gave me a fantastic meal. For anyone visiting the area, go there!! Well its that time again guys!! SHARE SHARE SHARE. As Gayle Sharp says EPIC RUN FEVER!!!

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