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Day 15

Much much much better day. Got mad at myself for nearly giving up yesterday so got up early this morning and went out fast! Needed to do 57 miles today to cath up a couple from yesterday. Went hard and fast all day and felt great! The mid afternoon dip in the sea really helped, I was able to get my muscles iced then get changed and crack on. I can safely say I have worked for every single pound of your donations today. Not only running but changing the chemical toilet in the van was not a highlight of my journey especially when the bottom came off and the contents went all over my foot!!! Mum was not a great help as she was laughing too hard to help me! Next highlight was running through Montrose where my mum (driver) said she would wait for me at the other side of the town so we did not hold up the traffic. 10 miles later I had still not seen my mum so I rang her. She was still sat reading the paper in a car park!!! I had just run up a massive hill with rain beating down! Once again my mum was struggling to drive as she was laughing so hard when she caught me up. I have managed the pain in my ankle with heavy strapping and it seems to have done the trick. Thanks everyone for the jokes, texts, calls, tweets and facebook shares! Please keep them all coming!

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