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Day 14

Really tough day today. Went out this morning really hard and made good mileage but as the weather turned for the worse the climbs got harder and harder. Getting to lunch time was fine but then my ankle began to swell and it became so swollen I had to take my trainer off. I strapped my ankle and ran as hard as I could but my pace was really down making every step this afternoon very painful. I have been quite lucky with the weather so far and was due a tough day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Unfortunately my headphones stopped working so I was not able to talk to people or listen to music so ended up talking to myself! I apologise if you saw me today as I was swearing at myself quite alot. Luckily my phone was working so I can se the messages and likes coming in. I know I say this every time but please keep sharing and posting my page!! As well as distance goals the “likes” goal of 1000 help keep me going.

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