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Day 13

Much better day today all round. Have worked out that it’s better to go out hard and abit faster in the morning. Get through more miles before dinner then wind down gradually in the afternoon as starting again after dinner is always tough. Passed RAF Kinloss and Lossiemouth today which was awesome. The planes were so close today I think I could see the pilot!! Not good trying to look at them as I tend to drift in to the middle of the road!! The blue strapping sent by Jane Peggs has worked wonders for my knees, with very little pain today. It’s now more about pain management, as the pain is always there. Heading more in land tomorrow so quite a few tough climbs to tackle. If every person that is a “new like” can share my page with all your friends and they do the same, in theory it should keep growing. Today my soundtrack was Adele first up followed by queens greatest hits then abit of learning Spanish!! Still not great at that though!!

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